15 Unique Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Valentine’s Day always feels like a whipping to me! We just wrapped up Christmas, and got back into the grove of our schedules then BAM! We have to celebrate something else with gifts. Does anyone else feel that way? I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater. It used to be a big deal to me and I’d fully expect a big night out and gifts, but now that we have kids, it’s just not as important to me.

I always have something for the boys. When they were younger, I’d do an elaborate Valentine’s Basket with candy and themed gifts but then I quickly realized that those cheesy bears holding hearts did nothing but pile up in all the rest of the clutter in their rooms, never played with… But don’t even think about asking the hoarders to get rid of something! Suddenly that bear is extra special!

I made a switch a couple years ago and decided to give them one nice gift (plus some candy because you can’t have Valentine’s Day without chocolate). By giving them something I know they want, at least I know it’s going to be played with and not just add to the clutter. The problem becomes, what do you give them? You probably just checked off all the Christmas lists, and are overrun with toys! Here are a few of my favorite ideas for fun & different gifts for kids!

Educational Gifts

inside kiwi crate
Photo Credit: KiwiCo

KiwiCo STEM crates are a TON of fun and my kids absolutely love them.  Click here to read about our first crate (second review coming soon). The boys had a blast building these STEM-based activities and learned a few things in the process. I cannot say enough good things about KiwiCo and what they have to offer.  Your kids will have so much fun, that they won’t realize they’re actually learning.

Use my KiwiCo link and get 30% off your first crate so you can see how great it is yourself!

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magic science

If there is a potions/science/slime kit on the market, you can bet we’ve tried it! My kids love to watch chemical reactions, and what kid doesn’t love slime? Magic Science was a big hit in our house because not only did it appeal to the educational & science mind, but our inner Harry Potter was allowed to come out and participate in these Wizard Only activities.

name a star

If you have a space lover in your house, have you thought about letting them name their own star? This unique gift set gives your child everything they need to Name Your Own Star including a map so they know where to find it in the future! Extra cool parent bonus points if you use a telescope to find it in the night sky!

kids baking set

Bake up some fun with your little chef with this Pampered Chef Kids’ Cookie Baking Set. It comes with emoji cookie cutters so you can make happy faces and heart eyes just for Valentine’s Day! We use this set a lot in our house! Luke loves to cook and the Pampered Chef tools for children are just the right size for him. Pair it with a great book called Start to Cook!

Outside Toys

The weather in Texas, around Valentine’s Day, is usually really nice! Either winter is officially over, or it’s tricking us and we’ll be blasted with a cold front and snow in a few days. Either way, Valentine’s Day tends to be in the 60s or 70s which means I’m going to be sending the boys outside to burn off all the sugar they ate! I’m not going to drop bike type coin on Valentine’s Day but if I can find something to get them out of the house and away from the screens, then I’m all about it!

pogo stick

I don’t know why, but suddenly Pogo Sticks are suddenly THE GIFT my boys are asking for! Are they in a video game? Who knows! Maybe they just want to go to Clown School! Either way, I’m considering it because it’s totally different than anything else I’ve given them and will keep them outside.

stomp rockets

Stomp Rockets are a big deal in our house and are hours of fun! The boys will take these outside for hours and see who can stomp them the highest. We have had to retrieve a few from the neighbors’ yards but that’s all part of being a kid!

nerf target

Another big deal in our house is Nerf Wars! When we get the whole street involved, dads will be pulling blue darts out of the shrubs for months! Haha! When they can’t get their friends in on the action, they’ll still take the guns outside and practice shooting…at each other… until there is a fight! Insert Mascarry Digital Targets for Nerf Guns! What the what??? Take the target practice off your brother’s head and onto this fun game!


Books & Activities

Reading is a big deal in our family! My kids are always digging into new books, so normally each holiday brings new reading books and activity books. This is also where I will work in the holiday theme because I certainly don’t mind a book about love or friendship!

I love You Hoo

Books are such a great way to help explain to your children how much you love them! Love You Hoo shows Little Owl & Big Owl snuggled up and bedtime, and Big Owl shares all the fun they have together and how much he loves Little Owl.

Cuddle Bear

Everyone needs a hug sometimes, and Cuddle Bear is just the guy to do it! The story can be picked up with a matching plush to make any little one smile on Valentine’s Day! What’s better? A portion of the proceeds from Cuddle Bear purchases go to support the Scott Carter Foundation to help eliminate pediatric cancer.

grandma's favorite

If you’re a grandma (or grandpa) shopping for your favorite little ones this year, this adorable book is the perfect way to tell them that your favorite thing to do is spend time with your grandkids. Grandma’s Favorite (also available in Grandpa’s Favorite) is beautifully illustrated for all ages.

Magic Painting Book

I LOVE Magic Painting Book and this Animals Magic Painting Book is brand new! These books are mess-free, paint by water, and my six-year-old loves painting in them! There are other titles too like Cinderella, Dinosaurs, and Under the Sea!

The Unworry Book

When you think about Valentine’s Day, of course, you think about love, but so many other feelings come into play as well. Kids deal with stress and anxiety more than we know and often struggle to put their feelings into words. The Unworry Book is a great gift to show them that you care about the things that worry them, and will allow them the opportunity to work through some of those issues!


friendship bracelets

A friendship bracelet pack is a great idea for Valentine’s Day! It’s a fun activity that will occupy the kiddos for a while, and also a great way for them to show their friends that they care!

light up tracing pad

Our boys each have one of these Light-Up Tracing Pads from Crayola and they LOVE them! It comes with everything you need to create really cool scenes with knights & dragons, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I wasn’t expecting it to be as big of a hit as it was but it has become their go-to activity when I tell them to put away the tablets.

When all else fails, give the gift of travel!.

Have a little more in your budget, or just can’t stand the idea of more stuff? I feel ya! I’ll tell you that my absolute favorite Valentine’s Day to date was the one we spent in Disney World.  It wasn’t sexy or romantic but I was with my best guys in my happy place!

disney world
Photo Credit: Disney Parks

Spending time with your family is one of the absolute best gifts you can gift and one you’ll never regret! Building memories that last a lifetime, and they are so much better than adding to junk piles.  If you would like help planning your trip to Disney (or any other family-friendly destination) check out my other posts on family travel, or visit my Kingdom Destinations Travel Agent Page and send me a message! I’d love to help you plan your getaway.

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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    Love this list, saving for later considering that science kit for my daughter who has previously been driving me crazy with slime making!! Thanks for sharing

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