5 Book Series My 5th Grade Boy Loves to Read

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Getting boys to read is no easy task, especially a boy with ADHD. There are literally a million things his mind would rather do. The key to get Landry into reading is to find the right story that keeps him hooked from the get-go! He loves action, fantasy, and also history. When I can find a title that will touch not just one element, I know it’s gold!

We love good books! Landry especially loves graphic novels but it’s hard to find any that are appropriate! Usborne fixed that!

Graphic Novels

Landry loves graphic novels but have you noticed how the pictures in most of the superhero comics are rated PG-13 at best? As much as I’m into girl power, Wonder Woman’s comic book looks are a bit much for my 10-year-old boy!

King Arthur

King Arthur and his fabled knights of the round table are told in a way you’ve never seen them before! In a graphic novel! He sets off on an epic quest complete with swords and sorcery to save his kingdom and keep young readers fully engaged!  You can purchase it here!

Robin Hood

Robin Hood and his band of thieves take on Prince John in this bright, colorful, action-packed graphic novel adventure! What kid doesn’t love the story of Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor? Landry loves seeing how stories can be reimagined in different ways! Robin Hood can be purchased here!

Harry Potter

When I was in college, I joined the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program to mentor underprivileged children. My little sister was having a hard time reading in school, and I heard about this new movie coming out based on a book series about a boy wizard. I remembered how my mom used American girl to motivate me to read: I would read a whole series then could pick a doll! I couldn’t afford to buy my little sister an American Girl Doll but I could afford to take her to a movie! She and I flew through the first 3 books and movies by the time I graduated from Tech.  Fast forward to when Landry was struggling with reading and I was struggling to keep him engaged. I told him if he would read the books, we would go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Little did I know he would fall in love with the books and read them all in 6 months!

I purchased “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” for myself when it first released. I was so excited to read it! Guess what? I still haven’t! That’s because a certain someone stole it some time ago and has now read it 5 times! He loves it that much! The first time he read it and recapped the story I could have sworn he made the whole thing up! There is time travel, magic, and just when you think you know what is going to happen, the plot turns in a completely different direction!

Our original copies of Harry Potter were starting to wear down from all the love, so we have started collecting the beautifully illustrated versions and reading them again! Every time I reread a book I pick up something new I hadn’t noticed the first time through.

The Land of Stories

A friend of mine has been proclaiming her love of “The Land of Stories” for a couple years now. The stories were written by Glee’s Chris Colfer and he reimagines your beloved fairy tales in ways you’ve never heard before!

In “The Land of Stories” you’ll follow Alex and Connor as they mysteriously leave our world and find themselves in a land where fairy tale characters are real. If your kids find the size of the novels intimidating, they’re also available on Audible where they can follow along!

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Do you remember these from when we were kids? They were so popular! I remember reading them, then reading them again for a different ending. The idea of “Choose Your Own Adventure” appeals right to the core of Landry’s ADHD.  If he’s starting to get bored with the plot, he simply chooses a different outcome! They were a random thought I had one night, and it took me a while to even find them but now Amazon has them stocked and available for Prime Delivery!

The Mapmaker Chronicles

The Mapmaker Chronicles

“The Mapmaker Chronicles” is a trilogy of books about a boy named Quinn who prefers the quiet life to one of action & adventure. When he is selected for a special quest by the King to make the first map of the world, Quinn must get out of his comfort zone and venture into the unknown. These books are full of action, danger, and suspense and can be purchased here!

There is no better way to end the day than with pizza and a good story!

I hope your child will love these stories as much as Landry does! What is your child reading right now? I would love to know! Maybe we will check it out and feature it on a follow-up post! Be sure you’ve joined our mailing list to keep with with all of the great adventures we have both through stories & in real life!


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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. Janine | 14th Oct 18

    Great book recommendations! Have you let your little man at the 365 series yet? Blog looks amazing!

    • Junell | 14th Oct 18

      We have not! We will have to check them out next!

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