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Do you have one of those friends who always seems to learn every lesson the hard way, and misses every cosmic, God-given sign sent their way??? You know the one, who goes to try something new blunders the whole thing, but still manages to make something of it all! Or maybe you’re that person and just need to know that there is someone else out there like you? Or perhaps you’re just after a good laugh? Whatever the reason, I’m here to be that new person for you!

Meet Junell

Meet Junell
Meet Junell

I’m a native Texan, Boy Mom, Disney obsessed, die-hard Texas Tech fan, extremely clumsy, crazy cat and dog lady, an eternal optimist, Christian with a slight potty mouth, who learned very early on in life that things would be much easier if I will just laugh at myself! After years of (over) sharing life’s hilarious hiccups on social media, I have finally decided to turn this wild ride into a blog. What made me decide to finally start putting it all down after claiming for years that I didn’t have time? I lost (what I thought was) my dream job!  I handled it as any mature adult would do by having a good cry (several… ok a lot), drinking all the wine in the house, feeling sorry for myself, getting my husband good and freaked out, and then finally heard my grandmother’s voice telling me “you only get so long on the pity pot then it’s time to pull your big girl panties up and deal!”

When I came out of my haze, I realized the toll that nearly 15 years in the new home construction industry had taken on me, and also realized how funny it was that the girl who never ever had detention in school, only was in trouble once in high school, always followed every rule, and tries way too hard to be a huge people pleaser would be the one to get sh*t canned.

I took a minute to reflect on my career and priorities, realized just how much of my boys lives I’ve missed over the years and came to the conclusion that it was time to forge a new path for myself. Being that girl who manages to blunder everything, then get a good laugh out of it all, I figured going into uncharted territory for me would bring on plenty of great stories.

My Boys

My husband, Matt, and I have been together since right after I graduated college. He was my cute personal trainer who was helping me get off that college 15 (man I wish I was still that fat). He’s the yin to my yang, the calm to my crazy. I take on too much, start stressing and he smooths out the wrinkles, approaching the situation with a level head. He has an incredible memory, which is good because I don’t, and can recreate just about anything he sees on Food Network. Luckily he has learned to laugh at all my ridiculousness too! As with any young 20 somethings who thought they knew everything, we didn’t get our acts together for several years. We were on again, off again forever before my first major “missed all God’s signs” face smack came my way! We found out we were pregnant!

Landry was the surprise we never knew we needed. He came into the world with high drama and has kept us on our toes ever since. He looks exactly like his daddy and gets his humor from my mom. We are headed into uncharted territory with him now that he’s a teenager. His favorite past time these days seems to be keeping me in check but he still will crawl up into my lap for a cuddle.  If he’s not studying or doing something with his school friends, he’s on the ice playing hockey!  He’s highly imaginative, loves all things Marvel & Harry Potter, is wickedly funny, extremely competitive, insightful, and has ADHD as an added bonus.

Luke is the baby and my mini-me through and through. He has hair that every old lady loves and has to touch, is rough and tough, has a temper as hot as fire, is free-spirited, tenderhearted, prefers to be naked, loves thrill rides, and loves animals more than most people. He is insanely gifted in math and science but would much rather be playing linebacker on the football field!

I love writing about what crazy adventures, shenanigans, and fun times come our way, and I hope you enjoy reading about them! If you do, please subscribe and follow me on social media!

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