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If you know me, you know that computers aren’t exactly second nature. I know enough to get by, but certainly not enough to set up an entire website! I’m a Xennial after all: not quite old enough to be Gen X, too old to be a Millenial, grew up going to a computer lab but they weren’t part of my every day, didn’t own my own computer or cell phone until college, and didn’t join any social media until I graduated! So, when I set out to start a blog my first step was to stare blankly at my computer screen. Ummmm, now what?

How do you blog?
How on earth do you do this blogging thing???

If you just google “how to blog” millions upon millions of hits come up.  While researching, I noticed a trend: for every million posts about starting a blog, there are 999 of them are written for Millenials who know so much more about computers and coding than I do.  Well, that wasn’t going to work! Then I stumbled across a Pinterest post about blogging from a blog called Its A Lovely Life, and as I read the article, I realized that Heather & Pete Reece were just like me! Non-Millenial parents, learning about computers and the internet as they go (although they had a few years head start on me)! I also like that their posts didn’t just tell me what to do, they included screenshots & pictures to really give me the true step by step visual.

As I looked to the side, I saw where they offered a few courses: 30 Day Blogging Blast Off, Travel Blogging Fast Track, and a FREE 5-Day How to Start a Blog Email Course. Have I mentioned that I’m no longer employed, so the words FREE hooked me?  I figured, if it didn’t work, no big deal! By day 3 I was already signing up for the September Blogging Blast Off Course!

5 Day How To Start A Blog Couse

So, what are you going to get out of a FREE 5 Day Course? Heather & Pete deliver on exactly what they say they are going to do! They tell you exactly what you need to know to set up a blog. They walk you through step-by-step how to set your WordPress site up via Bluehost with special pricing for Bluehost! You’re thinking “Wait! You said FREE!” Yes, I did… for the 5-day course. If you’re going to set up a blog, the right way, with the intent of making money, you do need to know that there will be some upfront costs associated with it.  Bluehost is one of those costs.

The other really cool thing you get by signing up for the course is access to their Start A Money Making Blog Facebook Group. Yall, this group is not just another group on Facebook that is going to overwhelm your feed with too many posts. This is a group of literally thousands of members who are or have been, in the exact same spot as you, who really do help support each other and give great feedback.  I have posted everything from domain ideas & logo designs to my first post to this group before sharing with anyone in my actual circle that I was even working on this!

After you get your hosting all set up, they’ll show you how to set up an email list, your social media profiles, and a few pages your blog needs before you can even begin posting! Then on day 5, you’ll finally write your first post! By Day 5, I’ll admit, I was overwhelmed and completely doubting my decision. Bluehost & WordPress were not easy for me to figure out, and I’m a perfectionist so I was not about to put something out into the world that I’m not proud of. But, I had signed up for the 30 Day Blogging Blast Off Course and that was starting in a few days! I’d also signed up for the Travel Blogging Fast Track at the same time.  Nothing like grabbing the bull by the horns and going all in!!!

The boys have had fun helping me set up my blog! They love editing pictures the most!


I had about a week from the time I completed the 5 Day How to Start a Blog Course to when the September Blogging Blast Off Course started. I used that time to finish up my logo, and start working on a few post ideas.

30 Day Blogging Blast Off Course

The 5-Day Free Course helped set me up, but I still had a million questions about how you actually start to make money off your blog, what is SEO, how do you get followers, etc. The 30-Day Blogging Blast Off Course cleared all of that up and more!

What I loved about the course is that they only released one course a day for the entire month, allowing me to really focus on that one subject each day. Some days I was able to fly through the material and assignments, and other days it took me a little longer to figure out. There are still some lessons that I’m going to now to remind myself of what to do in certain situations, or how to add something now that I’m a little deeper into my blog. The amazing part is that you can continue to access your course materials for at least 2 more years so it is always there.

From this course, I learned about what Affiliate Marketing meant, how to make the most of my various social media accounts, how to get followers, what exactly you do hashtags, how to find ways to make money blogging, and so much more!

The 30 Day Bogging Blast Off Course also has it’s own Facebook groups! One for WordPress Help (of which I’m a regular poster) and another strictly for sharing your posts with other bloggers! This has been huge to help me gain my initial following and worth the cost of the course on its own!

The course does cost a little bit of money, but they do offer payment options to make it more affordable!

Travel Blogging Fast Track

I love to travel and immediately had the thought that tying in my Kingdom Destinations Travel Business would be a natural fit for my blog. When I saw that Heather & Pete also offered a separate course for travel blogging, I jumped on that opportunity as well!

The Travel Blogging Fast Track course was set up much like the 30 Day Blogging Blastoff where information was chunked nicely into daily lessons. It all released on the same day, so I could work through as many or as few lessons at a time as I wanted. Some of the lessons make a little more sense after you take the 30 Day Course but I took them in tandem and circled back to lessons later when needed!

This course talks about how to market yourself directly to travel partners, how to use past trips to show your experience and credibility, and setting up your media or coverage package so that you’re ready when travel opportunities come your way! It really brought to light things I never would have begun to think about!

I am by no means an expert at blogging at this point, but in looking at all the options, this course was by far the best one to take to set me off on the right path! In a month, I learned so much more than I would have if I had tried to go about doing it on my own. There are still other great resources out there, and I have been challenging myself to take part in different courses or read different ebooks along the way that I think are also wonderful resources, but everything Heather & Pete Reece has put out there is quality material that will set you up for success. They speak in a way that is easy to understand, and make resources available to help answer every question you could possibly think of! If you’re looking to start blogging, this is the right first step.

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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