My Review of Disney’s Beach Club Resort & Villas

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Y’all, I’m just gonna put it out there: I, Junell DuBois, am a hotel snob! And it’s completely Disney’s Beach Club Villas’ fault! We have had the pleasure of staying at this property twice, and plan to go back many more times! We love everything about it from the location to the theming. Our first stay was in 2011 and our second was in 2017. They’ve gone through some renovations in those years between but the parts that count, the parts we loved, stayed the same!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort & Villas. Photo credit:

As you arrive at Disney’s Beach Club Resort & Villas, you are greeted with the warmth and charm of this blue building with white trim & a wrap around “porch,” style themed after New England’s beach resorts. If you’re arriving on Disney’s Magical Expressed, you’re immediately ushered into the lobby while your bags are taken care of! The lobby is warm & welcoming with a tv area for kiddos to watch a cartoon while mom and dad check in.

Disney’s Beach Club is just a short walk to Epcot!

We originally chose the Beach Club for its location. Matt’s absolute favorite place in all the World is Epcot; we like to be close so we can easily park hop over there for dinner. The Beach Club Resort is located in the Epcot resort area, and is adjacent to the bridge to the International Gateway! It is also a quick boat ride over to Hollywood Studios, which will become even more valuable once the Star Wars area is complete!

Pro Tip: The International Gateway is a back entrance into Epcot with minimal lines! You wind up right between England & France in the World Show Case!

The Rooms

Having a kitchen on vacation has many benefits, even at Disney!

I have been to Disney 3 times with a kitchen in my room, and I have never cooked an actual meal in them. I take that back, I have ordered Grands Cinnamon Rolls and made them on several occasions but that’s about it! I do like having groceries there.

Since the day Luke was born, he has hard to start the day with milk, and he’s almost 7 now. It’s like his coffee. He simply doesn’t function without it.  In years past, Landry was the same as well, and they used to both want a cup before bed, so for a week’s stay at Disney World, it made a lot of sense for us to have a full sized fridge with one, even two gallons of milk from Garden Grocer. You can’t store that much in a mini fridge! And when we went back to the room for one of the little guys to nap, lunch or snacks were readily available. We usually order beer and wine to have in the room for the evenings as well!

Matt & I are a classic case of opposites attract… I have to have BREAKFAST FOOD (not pizza, not a shake, and definitely not a Monster) with 30 minutes of waking up, but my husband prefers to have a shake or a Monster, maybe a piece of fruit, and then to starve until lunch. I know, right? When we’re in Disney, I try to balance our breakfasts between reservations that will make me happy, and quick stuff in the room on other days, like muffins or cinnamon rolls, so Matt doesn’t have to eat and I can have my breakfast while I pull myself together.

The dining space and pull out sofa make the perfect amount of space for us to spread out!

The room is so cute, right? I love that the couch pulls out for the boys, and then there is still seating in the dining area for me to spread out my maps, guidebooks, laptop, or whatever else I need to work on while we are in the room.

The real reason I love the Villas is the BATH!

If we’re being real here, the real reasons why I love Disney’s Villas as much as I do are for two things: #1 the washer/dryer in the room, and #2 the bathroom! The magic of Disney touches all your senses. The smell of Main Street, or the Christmas store… but even those magical smells cannot cover the smell of a few days worth of sweaty, dirty laundry piled up in the corner of your room. There is a laundry center at the resort to take your clothes to, but being able to throw a load in overnight and not have to wait around for it, is a really nice perk!

After a long day in the parks, your feet will HURT, your legs will be tired, and your back will ache! That bathtub is exactly what you need to rest up for the next day of fun! I would love to say that I get to shut the door with my glass of wine and enjoy it all to myself but…

Luke loves the Beach Club Villas bathtub as much as I do!

The Dining

Breakfast at Cape May’s with Minnie, Donald, & Goofy.

We spent two trips to Disney (once at Beach Club then once at Boardwalk) only eating at Cape May’s for breakfast at the Beach Club! Not that it isn’t a fabulous breakfast, we love it, but on our last trip, we discovered we were missing out on so much more the resort has to offer. Breakfast is served every morning, buffet style with Minnie & friends hosting her Beach Bash Breakfast! Mickey waffles, pastries, and assorted fruits & meats are in plentiful supply with something that will appeal to everyone in your family. Who doesn’t love having breakfast with the hostess with the mostess?!?!?

Dinner at Disney’s Cape May is also not to be missed!

If you don’t circle back to Cape May Cafe for dinner at some point during your trip, you are missing out, my friend! I am not a big buffet person in general, and usually never a seafood buffet person, but Y’ALL THE CLAMS HERE ARE LEGIT! I love clams, and crab legs, but really love clams! When we stumbled upon Cape May dinner on our day off the last time we visited, I almost refused to walk in.  We were supposed to have dinner somewhere else I really wanted to try but the kids were tired and grumpy and we decided staying at the resort was the better choice. I saw the seafood all displayed out and thought it would probably be mediocre at best, but I was blown away.  I think I even went up for thirds! There are even selections for those people who do not like seafood, and classic kid choices like mac & cheese for your little ones.

Beaches & Cream is known for its ice cream!

There are times my kids take normal pictures, and then there are times they are SO EXCITED about the HUGE, GOOEY ice cream sundae at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop that there is no way to get a “normal” smile! Ha! I’ll admit, I made the reservation here wanting to try their famous dessert, “The Kitchen Sink,” but by the time we finished our dinner, no one was hungry enough. The burgers are really great here, and the cheese and bacon fries are a bacon lover’s dream. We finished our meal with the Brownie A La Mode! You can see the seven layers of deliciousness right there… Calories don’t count at Disney World, right?!?!?! It’s a relatively small restaurant with a super cute 50’s soda shop theme! When someone does order their “Kitchen Sink” it is quite the production. Maybe next time we will rise to the challenge!

The Beach Club Marketplace offers a fantastic selection of quick grab meals, groceries for in the room, and has a great gift shop!

The Pool

Disney's Storm Along Bay
Beautiful Stormalong Bay

No matter what time of year you visit Disney World, chances are it will be warm enough for a swim. We were there in January and it was the perfect weather for an entire day at the pool. Plus, Disney heats their pools so even if the air is a little chilly, the water will be just right for most swimmers!

There are 3 pools at the Beach Club, but I think the thing that the Beach Club is most known for is the pool that it shares with the Yacht Club! Stormalong Bay is BEAUTIFUL! It is this amazing sand-bottom pool with a beach area of the kids to build sand castles. The water isn’t deep so you don’t feel like you have to be on top of your kids the whole time. As Landry said, “It’s just like the beach but without the Jellyfish!”  The boys made so many new friends at Stormalong Bay, and organized an entire game about Pirates that created hours of entertainment!

The Pirate ship is a water slide!

Behind that area is a lazy river where you can float in tubes provided by the resort. I rode in a tube with Luke for a long time, but the water, while heated, was just a bit too cold for my liking! But the part that the kids love the most is the Ship Wreck Waterslide! This thing is 243 feet of fun! The boys loved zooming down the slide over and over again!

Be sure to enjoy a refreshment at Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar & Grill

The other great part of the pool area is Hurricane Hanna’s! We had a fantastic day by the pool, ordering lunch and a few adult beverages from Hurricane Hanna’s.  It’s the perfect way to spend your day off from the parks and still be fully immersed in the magic of the Disney World resort! Matt and I realized that we hadn’t had time in ages just to hang out with a drink like we did while the boys played happily a little ways away. We were able to reconnect, and catch up on actual, real adult conversation! What a concept, right?

Have you stayed at Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Villas? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. Pam | 18th Oct 18

    I love this resort. It’s been a few years, but it is a good one!

    • Junell | 25th Oct 18

      It is such a great place!

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