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If you’re anything like our family, you have suddenly found yourself trying to navigate this new world of learning from home and working from home! As of writing this post, we are heading into week FOUR of everyone being home due to the Corona Virus.  WEEK FOUR! We left for Spring break on March 6th with no idea that within that week our worlds would so drastically change. Within days, my husband’s company gave the order to work from home. Mine did as well, but I was already a work from home employee anyway. Then, towards the end of the week, we heard from the schools that we would not be returning for two weeks, which would then be extended at the end of the next week.  

So here we are, wrapping up week 3 of putting the breaks on life, and heading into the fourth with no end in sight.  Yeah, the President says “by Easter,” but that does not look like it will happen. Don’t get me wrong, if this temporary way of living saves thousands of lives, then we are all in, but OMG these little people are killing me with the “now what do I do,” and “I’m bored!”

Next week, my hope is to share a complete list of things we are doing to keep busy, but for now, I wanted to share with you one of our new favorite activities! We LOVE a subscription box.  The kids have been getting the Kiwi Crate for a year, and I get a few (too many) boxes for myself.  For Christmas, my mom gave Luke a Raddish Kit subscription, and our little chef has LOVED it!   This month’s could not have come at a better time, and we were able to open it just when we were in desperate need of something to do!

Raddish Kids is a monthly cooking club for kids! Get it, Rad*Dish! Each month a new box arrives with three recipes, a new kitchen tool, a patch to add to your apron (apron comes with your first kit), a craft, and some conversation starters so you can talk about your dishes. The recipes are designed in such a way that they are easy for kids to understand with minimal parent help, making them perfect for those of us who are currently trying to multi-task working, parenting, and teaching right now!

inside the raddish kids kit
Inside the March Raddish Kids Kit

So, why do we love this kit for our son? It’s a sneaky way of learning, that’s why! LOL! Since he loves to cook, this is an easy activity to get him fully engaged in, but what he doesn’t think about is the fact that cooking is teaching him fractions, timing, creativity, working on fine motor skills, and more! Second grade hasn’t really covered fractions yet, but because of cooking, he already has a strong foundation for when they start! This kit has also helped to increase his curiosity in other cultures. As we cook different recipes from different parts of the world, we also get to have a little lesson on that country, and then we try the new flavors!

raddish kids
Getting ready to make Swedish Meatballs

Luke’s first kit came with a recipe to make Swedish Meatballs, and these really cool tongs (that I steal from time to time). He absolutely loved making these because you get to get your hands REALLY messy and the recipe has become one of his favorite things to eat as well.

making swedish meatballs, raddish kids kit
Making Swedish Meatballs

Luke is always really proud of himself when he makes dinner for the family! It is a huge confidence builder for him. One of the really cool features of this kit is that each box has bonus features online. The Swedish kit, for example, has a bonus recipe online for crepes and a complete lesson plan for homeschooling!

nordic cinnamon buns, raddish kids kit
Yummy Breakfast

Another favorite that came from the Swedish kit was the Nordic Cinnamon Buns! These were a really yummy treat for breakfast!

Making Blues-berry Crumb Bars

The March kit was musical-themed and came with this really yummy recipe for Blues-berry Crumb Bars! The house smelled so good while they were baking. Luke even decided to modify the recipe by making half blueberry and half strawberry. You can see in the picture above that the recipe not only has the step by step instructions in words but also with picture guides. When Luke doesn’t know what something means, the pictures are available to give him a hint before he needs to ask me!

Raddish Kids Kits
Getting Silly

If you’re looking for something new to try, the Raddish Kids Kit is a great option for you! They even offer shorter subscriptions so you can determine if it really is right for your family before committing to an entire year.

Another great section they have added to their website is a page just for those of us who are “Suddenly Homeschooling,” where you can find a cool at-home cooking camp, recipes, and online classes!

Want to try Raddish Kids for your family? Use my referral code 4r3fms for $10 off your first box today! Let me know your experiences with it in the comments!

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. jody | 5th Apr 20

    This is awesome I love it.

  2. Stephanie | 3rd Apr 20

    I had no idea something like this existed! What a fun way to learn how to cook and bond together! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jason Gowin | 1st Apr 20

    Absolutely Wonderful! I will have to give this a try with our kids!

  4. Sandi | 1st Apr 20

    What a cute idea.

  5. Kendra | 1st Apr 20

    This is seriously so cool! I hope this is still around in a few years when my grandbaby is old enough to enjoy this.

  6. judean | 31st Mar 20

    So many boxes you can buy and get delivered nowadays. This is a great idea for kids who enjoy cooking! Great learning tool!

  7. Diane Kurzava | 31st Mar 20

    How fun! I saved it to order when we get back to work. My grandkids will love this!

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