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Who is ready for Spring? I am not a winter person. I humored my brother by visiting their Winter Wonderland in Utah but I honestly HATE being cold! Give me a Texas Summer over snow any day! Two things happen in our house when everything starts to bloom: we all get really excited for Spring and we all get really sick! Unfortunately, we are all allergic to everything that blooms and makes Spring the beautiful time of year that it is. But that doesn’t stop us from loving this time of year!

I started to sit down and plan our Spring out, and realized that we have a pretty tried and true list of things we do to make the most of the beautiful Spring weather before things get too hot! I thought I’d share a few of our favorite things that we do to prepare for and enjoy Spring!

1. Start Our Garden

Before I go any further, I need to let you know that I do NOT have a green thumb! I wish I was gifted with the ability to make things grow and bloom but I really wasn’t. That doesn’t stop us from trying our hardest every year though! We have found a few fail proof items we can plant that will grow.

One of our first stops when the weather gets nice is to our local garden supply store to stock up on seeds, flowers, mulch, and whatever tools we need to get our garden in shape.

We always try to start a vegetable garden, and if we don’t get too hot before August, can do it with some success. In February & March, we will start our seeds indoors for our favorite herbs, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and a few other things!

One of our favorite products to use are these little seed starting kits. They create a very affordable greenhouse for you to start your seeds with, and allows your kiddos to learn just how seeds sprout into the beautiful plants they become! If it seems like we may have a few more cold days in our future, we will keep the kit inside by the window for a couple of weeks. If not, we just set it out on the patio and let it soak in the morning sun, and water it every couple of days! The boys get so excited to see which seeds will sprout first.

2. Rock Painting

While we are speaking of gardens, you’re definitely going to want to decorate your little garden. Kids love doing crafts when they know their work is going to be proudly displayed somewhere!

Luke always loves to paint a few rocks to put into our garden when we move our sprouts from the greenhouse to the dirt. It’s really fun to paint the vegetable or flower onto the rock so that it matches what you just planted! It also makes the perfect indoor activity for those rainy Spring days.

3. Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

When the weather starts to kick up in Texas and changes, we can get very windy. What’s better to do in the wind than fly a kite? Find a great field and enjoy the sunshine!

We always get a kite that matches what character we are currently into! This guy had a real thing for Buzz Lightyear for a long time! Something tells me, he will be making a comeback when the next movie releases too!

4. Play in the Sprinklers

With dogs, we always have to replace huge chunks of the sod in the backyard. When we do that, then we have to over water for a little bit to get it to take.

I’d love to say this is totally free fun, but the water bill begs to differ! Regardless, not too many things are more fun for a kiddo than running in the sprinklers…

5. Play in the Rain

Not too many things are more fun than running through sprinklers, until you get to play in the rain! And the MUD!

I promise I have more adorable playing in the rain pictures too but this is one of my favorites! Haha! I had actually taken one two minutes before of them running around and playing nicely. What can I say??? BOYMOM!

6. Enjoy a Spring Festival

We love our local festivals. The ones that take place in the Spring are so nice because it’s not too hot yet (usually).

What’s even more fun than catching your local festivals? Catching one on a weekend trip! Most local tourism boards have a list of festivals that are the best in the area! I found this great list of festivals in our area from Visit DFW! I may just have to pick up a few tickets.

7. Water Toys

Do you remember that feeling of the THUD on your stomach as you ran as fast as you could to slide down the Slip ‘n Slide? I do too! But for some reason kids just don’t care.

My boys love a good Slip ‘n Slide or backyard inflatable pool, water table, water balloons… really anything that they can use to get good and wet! They’re hours of entertainment!

8. Spring Themed Activity Books

April showers bring May flowers, which means you need to be prepared for the rain. Not all of the rain is happy, play in it kind of rain. In fact, just the other night we had an intense hail storm that knocked out our tv & internet (gasp)! Luckily, Mama keeps a bunch of fun activity books on hand!

I love a good activity book, and Usborne Books & More carries the absolute best. You can find one to fit just about any theme you’re hunting for, especially spring and nature. These are perfect for travel and rainy days!

9. Head to the Zoo or Wildlife Sanctuary

Spring is the perfect time to visit the Zoo. It’s neither too hot nor too cold for the animals, so they’re usually all out and a bit frisky (in a cute way)! We love visiting animals and learning more about them!

We are lucky enough to be right in the middle of two beautiful zoos and a short drive from a couple of animal sanctuaries! They make incredible learning opportunities for your kids, and if you’re lucky, you can even catch some new Spring animal babies!

10. Go on a Nature Walk

We love to get a few nature walks in before it gets too hot, and luckily our area has awesome trails. We have some around the lake and others dedicated to wildflowers!

One fun thing to do on a nature walk is to turn it into a scavenger hunt! Bring my free printable along with you and see how many items you can find. I have one rule, if you bring a bag, the only thing you collect is trash! You don’t want to disrupt an animal’s habitat, or accidentally pick a protected flower, but you can definitely do the Earth a favor and pick up a few pieces of trash while you’re enjoying the views.

What other fun activities do you do in the Spring? I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments!

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. Mary | 14th Apr 19

    Such a fun post! I love all things spring, and you have such awesome photos showcasing all your great ideas! Always love a trip to the zoo. Thanks!

  2. Maya | 13th Apr 19

    Great post! Enjoyed reading it. I think I will take up rock painting for adults now 🙂

  3. Heather | 12th Apr 19

    Rock painting has become very popular around here. There are local rock gardens we can go to and exchange rocks.

    Great list!

  4. Katie | 10th Apr 19

    Now that it is finally warmer, my fiance and I have started going on walks again! We try to go a few times a week and he always goes on one by himself while I’m doing my own workout!

    Another one of my favorite things about Spring is outdoor movies. I don’t know what it is but its always so fun.

  5. Cindy | 8th Apr 19

    I love spring too! Great list of ideas. Kids are so ready to get outdoors after the long winter months. Painting rocks and hiding them throughout the city is a big deal here. If you find a rock you take a photo of it and post it on local painted rock pages on Facebook and then hide the rock again for others to find.

  6. jen | 8th Apr 19

    The mud photo rocks! Love the list… love the variety

  7. Rosemary | 7th Apr 19

    I love the mud picture! My kids loved playing in the mud and I’m so glad my grands do too. It’s way too fun!! One thing we do here in Sacramento in the spring is take the kids to any park. The weather is perfect, even just for following a bug down the sidewalk. It’s frequently too hot in the summer to go to the park, lest you end up burned from the super hot slide or any other thing you have to touch. More parks should have sail shades but they don’t.

    Great post, thanks for the idea of the scavenger hunt!

  8. Pauline | 7th Apr 19

    I love spring!!! This year it has been about 4 weeks late. My favorite thing to do in spring is hunt for wildflowers.

  9. Tiffany | 6th Apr 19

    The mud one is always a hard one but so worth it in pictures and memories!

  10. T.M. Brown | 5th Apr 19

    Ah – Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love getting outside and taking in some Vitamin D this time of the year. Love the list of activities you have planned for your family! Looking forward to following along this spring.

  11. Jennifer Morrison | 5th Apr 19

    I am so very excited for Spring!!! I am making a garden this year, and think that I will add some painted rocks. I totally believe that my Granddaughter would love helping me on that project.

  12. Michele | 5th Apr 19

    I remember what fun it was when my kids were that age! We always looked forward to spring too!

  13. Monica | 5th Apr 19

    Great post! We are always trying to do fun outdoor activities that aren’t too expensive. We just went to the park the other day. Would love to do a scavenger hunt next.

  14. Leigh Ann | 4th Apr 19

    These are all great ideas! I think my favorite as a kid were the scavenger hunts.

  15. Ramae Hamrin | 4th Apr 19

    My favorite thing about spring is opening the windows. Listening to birds and thunderstorms are my favorite!

  16. Sandi | 4th Apr 19

    Fun posts.
    Girls like to wrestle too!

  17. Lisa | 4th Apr 19

    I love the idea of rock painting. My son would be all about it too. Thanks for the tips!

  18. Tricia Snow | 4th Apr 19

    I love scavenger hunts! Even for adults! lol

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