15 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him & Her

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The other day, I shared some of my favorite ideas for Valentine’s Gifts for your Kids. Well, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if you didn’t have to get a gift for that special someone as well! Am I right?

When you talk about romance in relationships, and love languages, my husband and I couldn’t be more opposite.  My love language is service. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a little sparkly something BUT I really love coming home to a clean house! The one time I came home and all the laundry, including mine, had been put away by my husband, he could do no wrong for like a week (nevermind that it was in all the wrong places and took me forever to sort back out, lol)! Matt’s love language is in gifts. He’s a very poor communicator, so his way of telling me he loves me is to come home randomly with something he thinks I would like.  It took us years to figure this out about each other. He’d much rather I give him a Nike gift card (I don’t pick out his clothes for him) than pee on a clean toilet and I’d much rather have a clean house or dinner made than a new phone. Now, for special days like Valentine’s Day, we try to make sure we have a good balance of both a gift and some form of service for each other.

Gift Ideas for Him

I have mentioned before that Matt is impossible to buy gifts for. So while his entire love language centers around gifts, I have always had the worst time picking out the right thing for him! At Christmas, I asked him to help me with a list of 15 Gift Ideas (which I then used to shop for him), and I asked him for some suggestions for this post too. I’m sneaky like that! Haha!

New Flip Flops: Around Valentine’s Day, we start talking about our summer vacation plans, and also usually do a major closet clean out. Most of the time, Matt’s flip flops from last summer are looking pretty rough and he will need a new pair for our beach trip! He LOVES these Reef Bottle Opener Flip Flops. He ordered them on accident one year, and we got a good laugh about the bottle opener, but he has loved this exact pair ever since!

cast iron skillet

Cast Iron Skillet: Matt’s version of a service gift for our family is cooking dinner. He loves to cook and is one of those people who can watch Food Network and recreate the recipe, so one of his favorite gifts to receive is something new for the kitchen. We went years without a Cast Iron Skillet and finally broke down when my doctor actually suggested cooking in one because I am always low on iron. I ordered this one for him and he uses it at least once a week now. He loves it.

beard grooming

Beard Grooming Kit: What it is with so many guys being bearded these days? Matt has always had a beard, and I keep seeing them pop up more and more! I also keep seeing guys who don’t really know how to take care of it, and it goes all scraggly and gross! Thank goodness Matt grooms his! He loves to receive a good beard grooming kit with a wooden brush & beard oil! I guess that’s the way he pampers himself!

Amazon Firetv Stick: Do you use Prime Video? Between Netflix, Prime & Hulu we don’t need cable anymore, which is the direction we are headed just as soon as we upgrade our living room tv and our current provider contract is up. In the meantime, adding the Firetv Stick to the current, not smart TV allows us to watch whatever we want! I have found that getting channels like Stars through Amazon is a lot cheaper than it is through our current cable provider! With Game of Thrones final season about to kick back up, make sure you and your man are ready to watch it with this great gift!

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch: We got our Nintendo Switch last year for Valentine’s Day and I have a confession to make, I love it! We have 4 steering wheels and play Mario Cart as a family a lot. I cannot tell you how much fun we have beating the kids when we played! Matt loves this thing. I mean, what guy doesn’t love video games? I don’t play the X-Box so this really is the first game system we have come across that we can play with as a family.

High Powered Portable Charger: Matt is a tech centered guy. He is on his phone all the time, and we have more devices than any family needs. For a long time we used several smaller portable chargers, and then he found this high powered portable charger that charges multiple devices quickly. We take this everywhere from school & sports events to vacations, and he loves it.

Portable Speaker: All of our music is on our devices, and Matt absolutely hates the radio. When we first moved into our house, we had my stereo from my single days and we had TONS of CD’s but that was 10 years ago. I don’t remember the last CD I purchased. We spend a lot of time outside grilling in the spring and summer, and having music out in the back is essential. He picked up a portable speaker a few years and we use it all the time!

Gifts for Her

I am pretty simple to buy for. I really prefer something that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself but that I would get a lot of use out of. I don’t want anything that is just going to take up space. Honestly, I’m happy with theater tickets or a spa day, but Matt, like many husbands, wants to have something physical for me to unwrap.

The Beachwaver: This is my favorite thing that I own. I know it sounds silly for a curling iron but FOR REAL! Look…

I’m able to get my hair to do this in under 15 minutes. The Beachwaver has been life changing for me and my morning routine! Sounds crazy, right? When you’re a mom, every second counts, right? What’s better is that my hair will look like this all day, even in the extreme Texas wind & humidity. Do yourself a favor, and ask for a Beachwaver for Valentine’s day!

Super Soft Blanket: I love a good blanket! We probably have 20 different throws around the house because we love to snuggle up under them. They have to be really really soft and not itchy! This Fleece Blanket is perfect and comes in a bunch of great colors! We keep them on the couch, on the bed, and everywhere else I can put them! I cover the furniture with blankets for the pets, so I want a good one we can bundle up in but that can also easily be washed in the machine without falling apart! I’m always happy to receive a new blanket!


Nespresso with Milk Frother: Another thing I cannot live without is my Nespresso Machine! I LOVE Starbucks but it can add up if you stop every morning, not to mention the fact that I would be late to work several times a week because of the line! My Nespresso changed that! I can make my own Starbucks latte at home and save both time and money! Now, as a blogger, this thing is used all morning long! Be sure to order it with the milk frother though! That part is key to the perfect latte!

Yeti Tumbler: You’ve seen all the memes and jokes about how mom’s have to reheat their coffee 75 times before they can actually drink it. Yall, I don’t care what you say, microwaved coffee is nasty! I have two Yeti Tumblers that I drink my coffee out of and I’m obsessed! They keep my coffee warm for HOURS! Lord help me on the mornings where they are both dirty! If you’re a mom, do yourself a favor and ask for a Yeti Tumbler and stop drinking old, gross coffee.

toms cinderella

Tom’s Disney Shoes: If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE all things Disney! Tom’s have become my go-to mom shoe when I don’t want to wear tennis shoes because they are so incredibly comfortable. I was a hold out for a long time, but they finally won me over about a year ago. I had tan and black ones (cause you know, they go with everything) then I found Cinderella! That inner little girl went nuts, I had to have them. Do they match everything? No. Do I care? NOPE! I wear them anyway. My Tom’s Cinderella Shoes make me so happy!

Pizza Gift Set: Something else we have started to make a lot of ourselves is pizza. Between needing to save money, and needing to loose weight, our beloved Pizza Friday tradition was hurting! Making your own is a great way to save money, eat healthier, and have a great time as a family. I love our time when the 4 of us are gathered together putting the toppings on our homemade pizza. This Pizza Gift Set is the perfect way to have family time or just celebrate a date night at home!

chocolate strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: I personally don’t think its Valentine’s Day until someone busts out the Chocolate Covered Strawberries! These are one of my all-time favorite treats. There are so many options to get them now too, so they’re really an affordable option. They’re a perfect way to finish off Valentine’s Day.

Take a Trip: This time of year is the time to book a trip! Everywhere from cruises, to all-inclusives & Disney are all running great specials. Make your special someone really happy by putting a deposit down on a great trip and getting out of town! Out of all the things in the world, a trip is probably the best thing you can do for each other! If you’d like help planning a vacation, I’d be happy to help you! Visit my Kingdom Destinations Page and send me a message!

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Gift? What do you traditionally do to celebrate? I’d love to know!

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. T.M. Brown | 14th Feb 19

    Oh, I’m all over checking out that Beachwaver!!! Great ideas, Junell! I hope you and yours have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!!

  2. Nicki | 14th Feb 19

    Chocolate covered strawberries! Yes!!

  3. Sally casey | 13th Feb 19

    Love these. Creative ideas?. Especially the flip flops?

  4. Amanda | 12th Feb 19

    I’ll take the cruise please 😉 These are great ideas! And those Disney Toms are adorable!

  5. Kathryn at QuestFor47 | 11th Feb 19

    Great gifts! I love those Disney Toms, and the curling iron!

  6. Jennifer Morrison | 11th Feb 19

    The beard grooming kit looks awesome! I know my son would love it! I would love the Strawberries!

  7. Susan Franklin | 10th Feb 19

    Both Jeff and I share ‘gifts’ in last place for our love languages…. I recently scored 0 in gifts when taking the test, so I’m thankful that he cares less about gifts too… it sure makes it easy that way. But, our very first Valentine’s together he picked up this little book from Hallmark called “I love us” notes. At first I thought it was a bit hokey, but then ,it really turned out to be the best gift ever. We use the love notes ALL the time to send as texts or leave open on our desks when we want to express love in that way. Your list of suggested items that both you and Matt like are great! Best to you on picking out his gift this year!

  8. Kirsten | 10th Feb 19

    Great ideas!!!

  9. Pauline Reynolds | 10th Feb 19

    These are all wonderful gifts!! I’ll take that cast iron skillet any day.

  10. Mom Life Optimized | 9th Feb 19

    These are some really great ideas because they are so diverse and different. This list really gives me some good ways to bless my husband this year.

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